- the median monthly US salary for doctorate holders.

Every month that you spend as an adjunct, graduate student or postdoc you are losing out.


of PhD students will leave academia without becoming a tenure-track professor.

Academia is now the "alternative career". You can aim to be in the minority, but you should plan to be in the majority.


seconds will be spent reading your resume. If you're lucky.

Your application has to captivate. An eye-catching, technically accurate and concise resume is essential.

We will transform your academic CV into an intelligent, eye-catching and professional resume.

Our PhD-level subject experts, professional writers, and HR gurus specialize in translating academic achievements into skills that employers understand.

Examples of CVtoResume.com PhD resumes for postdocs and graduate students

Expert Knowledge

Our PhD-level consultants have the education and technical experience necessary to understand your academic accomplishments.

Skillset Translation

We know skills valued by employers. We can translate your academic achievements into a language they can understand.

Clean Design

We don't slot your resume into a generic template from 1995. We craft your unique resume to ensure it captivates the reader.

How we work:

PhD holders and those with advanced degrees complete resume questionnaire

Document Submission


Once you become a client, we will send you a brief questionnaire. Complete the questionnaire at your leisure and return it with your CV, copies of your key papers, and other relevant documents.

CVtoResume.com creates or reviews PhD resume for postdoc or graduate student

Resume Development


We will appraise your CV and translate it into skills and achievements that will be recognized by your target industry. We will work with you until your documents are perfect.

CVtoResume.com delivers professional PhD resume to postdoc or graduate student

Resume Delivery


We will send you your custom resume as an editable document and interactive PDF. We will also send you a plain text version for online applications that only accept non-formatted text.

Other Services

Postdoc and PhD resume editing and feedback

Resume Review

Submitted hundreds of applications and still not getting any response? You need a second opinion on your resume. We can proofread and critique your resume and other application materials.

Interview Coaching

You only get one chance to impress. We run online practice interviews to ensure you are prepared for the big day. Each session includes feedback on how to improve your verbal and non-verbal communication.

Conversion of UK CV to US resume for international graduate students, postdocs, professors and others with a PhD or other advanced degree

International CV to American Resume Conversion

Applying for a position in the US? We can make sure that your resume sticks out for the right reasons. We have extensive expertise reformatting documents between British and American English.

Academic editing and grant review for postdocs and graduate students

Academic Editing and Review

Need confidential pre-peer review or US/UK English copy-editing of your research proposal, journal article, or teaching statement? Get in touch with us and we will let you know how we can help.

Want to know more?

Why we're different, what we can do for you and other frequently asked questions.

  • Other companies are offering to write my resume for $99. Why should I come to you?

    Several of our clients have come to us with “bargain” resumes generated by other writing companies. The adage that you get what you pay for still stands. Low price resume writing sites:

    • Are not geared towards clients who hold advanced degrees. These resume writers often have no idea what a PhD involves or how to make it attractive to employers.
    • Will copy and paste your information into a Microsoft Word template made in the 1990s. This takes 10 minutes and works out at about $600 per hour. Hardly a low rate!
    • May sell your personal information or resume to third parties. Unless they say otherwise, you cannot assume you have any privacy or control over your contact information or resume.
    • May retain copyright over any work they produce.

  • Describe the CV/resume conversion process to me. What do I need to do as a client?

    Open our order page using the link below, select the service you require, and then upload any documents requested. You will then be able to pay for your service online. Once we receive your payment, you will be able to download our resume questionnaire from the clients-only section of our website. Simply complete and return the questionnaire by following the instructions provided. We will write a draft of your new document and send it to you for comments. We usually go through one to two rounds of draft-comment-redraft with each client. Once you are happy with the content, we will make the document visually appealing and return it to you as an editable file, interactive PDF document and plain text file.

  • Describe the resume review process to me. What do I need to do to get my resume reviewed?

    Open our order page using the link below, select resume review, and then upload your resume. Once we receive your resume, we will identify the reviewers on our team that align most closely with your interests and experience. The reviewers will dissect your resume and send you detailed feedback on how to improve the structure, language, grammar, spelling, layout/design, and impact of your resume.

  • How long does a resume review take? How quickly can I get feedback?

    We review most resumes within 48 hours of receiving payment. If you have an imminent application deadline, let us know and we'll prioritize your review.

  • If I order a resume review, what kind of feedback will I receive?

    The reviewers will dissect your resume and send you detailed feedback on how to improve the structure, language, grammar, spelling, layout/design, and impact of your resume.

  • If I order a resume review, who will perform the review?

    We have a team of consultants drawn from recruiters, admissions offices, academic societies, professional development programs, academia, industry and other areas. We will match your resume to the reviewers best suited to provide useful feedback. Every resume is critiqued by two reviewers independently, and so you will receive two opinions from two experts.

  • If I order a resume review, how do the reviewers provide resume feedback?

    While reviewing your resume, the reviewers write a list of comments and markup your resume with comments. Once the review is complete, you will receive a single PDF via email. The PDF will contain all the comments and all the marked up versions of your resume. Note, as resumes are generally reviewed by two reviewers, you may receive two marked up copies of your resume.

  • What file format should my original documents be in?

    We work with all major file formats. Most of the documents we receive are in Microsoft Word , PDF, Microsoft Publisher , LibreOffice (it's free!) , Quark Express , Google Doc or Adobe InDesign format.

  • What file format will my final resume/CV be in?

    Unless you request otherwise, your final documents will be delivered in Microsoft Word , PDF and plain text formats. If the final documents have a layout that cannot be formatted using Word, then we will also include files in an additional format as appropriate (for example, Mathcast for complex equations). We can reformat documents into a wide variety of file types; get in touch if you have specific requirements.

  • Why do I need a plain text version of my resume? It looks ugly!

    To facilitate keyword screening, employers frequently require job applicants to copy and paste their resume into an online form. The online forms used generally only accept plain text, meaning that all formatting, such as bold text, tables and bullet points, will be lost from the pasted text. This often results in an ugly, unreadable mess. Having a plain text version of your resume that is ready to copy and paste means you avoid this problem.

  • How long does it take to write a new resume/CV for a PhD holder?

    If you use our regular service, we will send you the first draft of your new resume or CV within seven days of document upload and questionnaire completion. If you use our express service, we will provide you with a ready-to-go resume within 48 hours of document and questionnaire submission.

  • But I thought a resume was meant to be customized for every job application?

    Yes, as is the cover letter. We target your resume towards a specific job profile or career path. However, we will also give you edible versions of any files we create for you, allowing you to further fine-tune your documents for future applications.

  • I want to try writing my own resume/CV and then get you to review it. Any tips on how to start?

    For non-academic jobs, The Resume Writing Guide by Lisa McGrimmon and Resume Writing 2016 by Ashley Tucker both contain excellent advice, and What Color Is Your Parachute? by Richard N. Bolles contains helpful tips for anyone changing field. The Professor Is In by Karen Kelsky is an invaluable resource for anyone preparing a CV for a scientific job.

  • You offer resume writing and resume review services for postdocs, graduate students and others with a PhD. Can you also help me write my cover letter, personal statement, etc.?

    Yes! We have a team of writers and PhD’s who can help you with these documents. Contact us with your requirements.

  • What if I am unhappy with the final product or resume review?

    Let us know what is wrong and we will work to make it perfect.

  • Who owns the copyright of the resume and other files generated?

    You, the client.

  • Do you only work for clients with a PhD?

    No - we work with professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. Currently, around 70% of our clients have, or are working towards, a doctorate degree.

  • Will you post my PhD resume on recruitment sites or help me find a position?

    No, sorry. We are an academic writing and copy-editing group, not an employment agency.

  • How much do you charge?


    Convert academic CV to professional resume  $195 
    Resume proofreading and review  $59
    Convert international CV to American resume  $195  plus any translation rqd.
    Translation of non-English documents  add $49/page 
    Interview coaching session (40 min interview plus 15 min feedback)   $99
    Generation of a professional LinkedIn profile  $99
    Convert documents between US English and British English  $49/page 
    Publication presubmission proofreading and editing  $59/500 words
    Publication formatting and conversion between journal standards  $120/article (up to 3000 words)
    Grant proposal proofreading and editing  $59/500 words
    Bundle: Resume review and one hour interview coaching session  $150
    Bundle: Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and one hour interview coaching session  $400

    All prices are in US dollars. Additional services are available upon request.

  • How do I pay?

    You can pay by major credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or Diners International), PayPal, or PayPal-linked bank account/credit card.

  • Is your payment system secure? Is my credit card information secure?

    We never store your credit card or bank information – all credit card payments are handled by PayPal or Stripe, two of the largest and frequently used payment processors in the world. All communication between your computer and our server is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption from RapidSSL – look for the green padlock symbol in your browser address bar.

  • When do I pay?

    First-time clients pay before work begins. Returning clients can pay in advance or by invoice payable 30 days after receipt.

  • What currencies do you accept?

    We accept all 26 currencies accepted by PayPal. These include the US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, and Mexican Peso.

  • Will you sell or trade my employment history, resume or contact data to marketing or online tracking companies?


  • If my new employer contacts you, will you inform them that you wrote or reviewed my resume?

    No, unless required to do so by law.

  • If my current employer contacts you, will you inform them that you are working on my resume/CV?

    No, unless required to do so by law.

  • Do you store my resume, PhD thesis abstract, publications or other details after you have completed my work?

    We will keep your documents on file for 30 days after payment and work completion. After this, we will delete all copies of your documents unless you request otherwise. We will keep your name and email address on file so that we can send you information on special offers, new services and resources of interest (maximum of one email per month). You can unsubscribe from these messages at any time.

  • How do you store personal data?

    All personal documents, including CVs, resumes, journal articles, grant proposals and client contact information, is encrypted while stored. We use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256 bit key to encrypt our documents when not in use. All our payments are processed by PayPal or Stripe, so we never store credit card or bank account information. Unless you request otherwise, we will communicate with you via email. Note that your email service may store copies of all messages sent and received. This may include copies of the attachments that we send you.

  • If you know that other clients are pursing the same opportunities as me, will you tell me/them?


  • Can you send my resume to contacts or previous clients with PhDs at firm XYZ?


  • What other services do you offer for those with a PhD ?

    We have a team of doctorate-level consultants and writers. While most of the team have a background in science, we also have consultants with backgrounds in the social sciences and business. We offer the following additional services: online interview coaching; journal article proofreading and copy-editing; article reformatting between journal standards; grant proposal proofreading, copy-editing and review; and other services by arrangement.

  • What does an interview coaching session include?

    An interview coaching session lasts about one hour and is delivered online. It includes a 35-40 minute mock interview with a PhD-level consultant, followed by a 15 minute feedback session. During the interview, you can expect to be asked technical, professional and behavioral questions. The feedback session will involve a critique of your verbal and non-verbal responses, along with tips to improve your interview skills.

  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for a mock interview?

    Most clients who use our mock interview services are preparing for a specific interview. To help you get the most out of the experience, we recommend that before the session you send us information about the position, your resume, and your cover letter.

  • What should I wear for mock interview?

    That is up to you. We recommend that you dress as you would for a real interview; however, this may not be practical. You can discuss appropriate clothing with your consultant during the feedback session.

  • What software do I need for an interview coaching session?

    We generally use Skype or Google hangouts. We can use alternative video conferencing software by arrangement.

  • Can you recommend any books to help me prepare for my interview?

    Two great places to start are: 60 Seconds and You're Hired! by Robin Ryan, and Interview Like A Boss by Hans Van Nas. The Professor Is In by Karen Kelsky is helpful for anyone preparing to go through the academic interview process.

  • I need to submit my journal article as soon as possible. How quickly can you put my files into the correct format?

    We can complete most formatting jobs within 48 hours.

  • What files do you need to format a journal article for submission?

    We need the article text (Microsoft Word , LaTeX , or LibreOffice (it's free!) format preferred), the associated reference database file (Endnote or Reference Manager preferred), and the figures to be submitted (Microsoft Powerpoint , Adobe Illustrator , Adobe Photoshop , Microsoft Excel or PNG preferred). Make sure you provide the name of the journal to which you are planning to submit your article.

  • You offer PhD resume writing services. Can you also help me write my cover letter, personal statement etc.?

    Yes! We have a team of writers and PhD level consultants who can help. Contact us with your requirements.

  • I have a PhD. How can I become a writer, interviewer, technical consultant or resume reviewer?

    Send a copy of your resume to opportunities{at}cvtoresume.com. If we have any opportunities in your field of expertise, we will contact you.

  • How hard can it be to create an American Resume from a British CV? I am sure I can do this myself.

    1) Read this summary of the differences between British and American English and then re-consider. Spelling, punctuation and phrasing are all different. Mistakes in any of these critical areas will result in your application ending up in the trash (rubbish bin).
    2) An American resume is structurally different from a British CV, and the accepted conventions for each are different. Several pieces of information included as standard on a British CV would be considered irrelevant or outlandish on a US resume.
    3) The US and English / Scottish / Welsh / Irish / Australian education systems are very different. We can translate your educational accomplishments into terms that will be understood by US employers.

  • My current resume / CV is not in English. What languages can you work with?

    We work with several experienced translators. We have translators who can work with documents in French, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (traditional/simplified), and German. Documents in other languages may take longer to process.

  • Can you translate my other technical documents for me?

    We currently only offer translation services as part of a resume or CV writing order.

  • What currencies do you accept?

    We accept all 26 currencies accepted by PayPal. These include the US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, and Mexican Peso.

  • I have translated my CV into English. Can I submit this for resume review for feedback on my grammar and spelling

    Yes! We can provide detailed feedback on American or British English spelling, punctuation and grammar. Most resume reviews are completed within 24 hours.

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